'Let's put down the sword and raise a glass: for a toast
to a better tomorrow, it can start today.'
Monique de Koning

'What we've lost as humanity, isn't so much our mind,
it's our heart: the native home to a stunning crystal voice.
In its pure state, inherently fluent in truth and reason ―a
source of love: unconditional, as well as authentically blind.'

from my poem Rules Of Disengagement, Unity I Am

trailer / my vision, and I think a powerful message by itself (outro: piano-intro from When We Stand Together, cover by U-Neeq)


ABOUT MY POETRY: '[...] Whatever the subject, through observation, contemplation and compassion ―and a critical eye when useful or necessary ―there is always an invitation to a bigger picture that I think is so often lost or forgotten. Above all, it's my sincere wish my words can offer some hope and inspiration; to be part of real positive change, like so many others who seek to do the same.[...]' (click to read in full)