to my website – a visual representation of how I live: following my heart and inspiration, even when it feels (super) scary. This means stepping out of my comfort zone quite a bit. One of those ventures –to publish my heart and soul titled Emerald Heart, that became a fascinating journey of its own –resulted in the website you're on now. Inspired by a person through a life-changing connection, writing has become my passion and purpose.


high vibrational, down to earth

A resident of the coastal region of that quaintly shaped country, I was born and raised in a small city in the east of The Netherlands. I've mostly always been very practical, although spiritual in some sense. Through the magic of my life's journey, however, I was introduced to beauty and perfection I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams. Which naturally came with getting more and more spiritual over the years, while still very down to earth; I'm still interested in –honest and ethical –science for example. Because I believe both are part of and related to the same source and origins of existence, simply different angles and ways of experiencing, understanding and appreciating consciousness. Enjoying the best of both worlds I guess. For me, the perfect combination and fully embodying 'my spiritual self having a human experience' as they say, although usually not in that context. To me the human or earthly aspect is equally important, it's what we came here to experience.

creative and intuitively passionate

A curious Dutch(wo)man with a fierce zest for life, I have a habit of following my heart and intuition into the unexpected and unknown. Getting my heart & soul published for the world to see is a great example of that. Doing the impossible in what turned out to be a long and beyond challenging healing journey, another adventure presented itself: a whole new world opened up to me, one I had no idea existed..